2 Boards to Play
2 different fun and challenging boards-Linear&Diagonal. Each board has 300 hand-crafted levels.
In Soft Mode create shapes without having to worry about time or move limits. In Challenge Mode see your time and move counts by creating shapes.
Unique Themes
Intelligently designed brain-twisting levels with 7 unique and stylized themes.

Open-ended Puzzles

Intelligently designed 600 brain-twisting levels
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Discover the Boards

There are 2 different boards to play: Linear: Move the dots by sliding horizontally or vertically to line up with the matching holes. Diagonal: Place the dots by sliding along vertically or diagonally to line up with the same color-coded slots.
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Dotcraft.'s game mechanics are inspired by combination puzzle games. Artworks inspired by a mixture of sytlized genres and personal influences, each translated into stunning visual developments.

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